Disabled Woman Abandoned Overnight At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport After American Airlines Cancels Flight

A disabled woman, Olimpia Warsaw, was left overnight  in Chicago’s  O’Hare airport on Nov. 30.

Warsaw, who has Parkinson’s and diabetes and has trouble walking, was supposed to fly back to Detroit after attending her ex-husband’s funeral in Chicago.

Warsaw’s son, Claude Coltea, told WBBM that American Airlines cancelled her flight and assigned a porter to take Warsaw back to the front of the airport where she was offered a hotel room.

However, the airport and/or American Airlines were not willing to take Warsaw to the hotel. Warsaw couldn’t find her own transportation as she has trouble communicating.

The porter’s shift was soon over, and he left Warsaw on her own.

Warsaw’s family began calling American Airlines.

Airport security found Warsaw hours later, still in a wheelchair, dressed for her ex-husband’s funeral.

American Airlines apologized to the family and said it launched an investigation into the porter, who is not an airline employee.

(Source: WBBM)

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