Did Pro-Trump Christian Writer Eric Metaxas Punch a Man After Trump’s RNC Speech?

A video has surfaced on Instagram that shows a man on a bicycle yelling, “F*ck Trump” as he peddles past people leaving President Donald Trump’s RNC speech on Aug. 27.

A second man wearing white pants, a pink shirt and glasses punches the first man. A woman’s voice is heard yelling: “Eric!”

The second man runs backwards away from the first man who comes after him, but ultimately turns around.

The Friendly Atheist notes the second man appears to be wearing what Christian writer Eric Metaxas wore earlier at the White House.

Why are people saying that Metaxas was the attacker?

1) It looks like him, including the glasses.
2) He prances backwards just like you’d imagine he would.
3) He still hasn’t said anything about it even though you know he’s seen people talking about it.
4) You can hear a woman’s voice screaming “Eric!” after the punch. That’s… revealing.
5) How many other people are wearing suits with pink shirts and those buttons?

If that’s not Metaxas, he must have an evil(er) twin.

(Sources: antidote/Instagram, Eric Metaxas/Instagram, Friendly Atheist)

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