DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Taking Kids Away From Parents Isn’t Child Abuse Because Kids Can Watch TV

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen claimed that immigrant children snatched away from their parents and imprisoned in detention centers are not being abused because they can watch TV.

Nielsen made her bizarre claim to reporters at a White House press briefing:

We have high standards. We give them meals. We give them education. We give them medical care. There is videos. There is TVs. I’ve been visited the detention centers myself. That would be my answer to that question.

The Associated Press notes that a a 16-year-old girl had to change the diaper of a four-year-old girl because they were left alone in a  cage. The teen taught other children in the cage how to change diapers.

(Source: Fox News via YouTubeThe Associated Press)

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