DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Falsely Claims That Migrant Children Were Not Held In Cages

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen falsely claimed under oath before a House committee that migrant children have not been kept in “cages” despite numerous DHS pictures and videos of caged children.

House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson asked Nielsen to go on record: “For the record, Madam Secretary, are we still using cages for children?”

Nielsen then lied under oath:

Sir, we don’t use cages for children. Yes. I’m being as clear as I can, sir. Respectfully, I’m trying to answer your question… To my knowledge, [Customs and Border Patrol] never purposely put a child in a cage.

Thompson fired back: “I’ve seen the cages. I just want you to admit that the cages exist.”

Nielsen committed perjury a second time: “Sir, they’re not cages.”

(Source: C-SPAN3)

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