Detroit Cop Beats Naked Mentally Ill Woman Inside Hospital

A Detroit police officer was filmed beating a naked mentally ill woman  inside Detroit Receiving Hospital.

Several other officers held the woman while the cop beat her.

Only after the video became public did the Detroit Police Department put the officer on suspension and announce an investigation, notes WJBK.

The female bystander — who recorded the video on her cell phone  — told WJBK it was clear the woman was mentally unstable:

So many of them, they could have restrained her or tried to stop him. He was physically giving her blows to the face, to the body. The lady was screaming stop hitting her like that, don’t punch her like that.

The Detroit Receiving Hospital issued a statement:

The situation was escalated to the appropriate DMC authority. DRH security was notified who immediately filed an internal report and also called DPD. DPD responded to the hospital where DMC filed a report with them. 

(Source: WJBK)

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