Deputy Threatens To Kill His Daughter’s Boyfriend & His Mom, No Criminal Charges, Deputy Keeps Job

Video has surfaced of  Palm Beach Sheriff’s Deputy Javier Lasso threatening to kill his daughter’s boyfriend and the boyfriend’s mother inside a Cricket Wireless store in Florida back in June 2017.

While it is a crime to threaten people’s lives, Lasso was not charged, and skated by with a suspension, notes WPEC.

Lasso’s criminal threat was caught on the store’s surveillance video, and investigated by the Sheriff’s Internal Affairs department in March.

Lasso was off-duty, but in uniform with a gun when he made his criminal threat:

I want to tell you this one more time. Stop seeing my daughter. Copy that? Is that a no? 

…It is up to me, brother. Listen. Last chance. If you keep doing it, I’m gonna blow your f*ckiing head off. Okay? Okay?” 

And your Mom’s as well. I know where you guys live.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office suspended Lasso for four weeks without pay, but he kept his job and was not charged for his criminal threats.

Lasso’s daughter and her boyfriend did not want the case prosecuted, even though it still could have been without their cooperation. 

The state attorney refused to file charges despite the video evidence.

(Source: WPEC)

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