Denver Deputy Pulls Gun While Being Served With $150 Debt

Denver Sheriff’s Deputy Bret Martin Carbone was filmed pulling a gun on process server Tom Mills on Nov. 6 in Commerce City, Colorado.

Mills told KUSA that he was serving Carbone a collections notice for a $150 debt when Carbone brought his handgun to the door:

Being a Marine, you’d think you’d be trained to have somebody hold a gun to you and you not be scared, it scared the bejeebes out of me. I’ve never had somebody hold a gun to me. There was no purpose in it. I don’t understand what he was thinking by pulling the gun.

In two videos that Mills recorded, Carbone pretends that he is not Carbone, and then pulls the gun and tells Mills to leave.

Carbone was placed on investigatory leave and is facing two allegations of improper conduct, reports KUSA.

Carbone and his attorney refused to speak to KUSA.

(Source KUSA)

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