Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont Parrots Trump: Send Kids to School, Get People Back to Work While COVID-19 Soars, Cut $600 Unemployment Aid

Democratic Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont wants to send children back to school, cut the extra the $600 per month in unemployment benefits for most unemployed people and get them back to work while COVID-19 soars in cases and deaths, a position that lines up with science-denier President Donald Trump and Republican leadership (VIDEO BELOW).

Lamont bragged on CNBC how the coronavirus numbers were going down on June 23, and said he “hoped the pandemic doesn’t come back.”

In reality, the coronavirus pandemic never left.

Coronavirus cases are up among young people, but Lamont said July 16 that still plans to reopen schools, reports the Hartford Courant.

Lamont told Yahoo Finance that people who work in bars and plan events should still get the extra $600 per month, but said other unemployed people could be put “back to work safely.”

Echoing Trump, Lamont failed to say exactly how that would be accomplished:

Look, I think we’ve got to extend the unemployment [benefits]. We still have a double-digit unemployment rate here [Connecticut]. And I would be generous when it comes to those companies that are still not open. Our event planners, for example, our bars. There we have got to be generous.

But for those companies that are open, which is most of our economy, I want to do everything I can to encourage them to get back to work. We can get them back to work safely. So I was sort of more inclined towards giving people the incentive to get back to work and. not doing a big $600 increase for everybody else who are still unemployed.

(Sources: Yahoo Finance, Hartford Courant, Litchfield Daily Voice, CNBC/YouTube)

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