Delaware State Trooper Points Gun At Black Man’s Head During Traffic Stop

A Delaware State Trooper was filmed pointing a gun at the head of a black man, Mack Buckley, who was able to film part of the incident on a cell phone.

Buckley told the Free Thought Project that he was driving to his mother’s home in Lewes when he was pulled over for allegedly speeding.

Buckley said he was questioning the trooper, and didn’t want to give him his license and registration until the trooper told him why he was pulled over.

Buckley said the trooper demanded he get out of the car, but Buckley said, “no.”

Buckley recalled the otrooper took a call on his radio after Buckley refused to exit the vehicle, and so Buckley had a chance to start recording.

Buckley refused again to get out until hearing the reason for the stop, and the trooper pulled his gun out and aimed it at Buckley’s head.

The trooper then slapped the phone out of Buckley ‘s hand, and pulled Buckley out of the car. Buckley asked the trooper why he pulled his gun, but the trooper refused to say.

Sgt. Richard Bratz, a state police spokesman, told Delaware Online that the incident is being reviewed:

Delaware State Police is aware of the video and it is currently under review. I will update you further as information becomes available.

Delaware State Police refused to say why Buckley was pulled over.

(Sources: Delaware Online, The Free Thought Project, Mack Buckley via YouTube)

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