Debunked Christian Historian David Barton Claims Christians Are Supposed To Run Government

Debunked Christian historian David Barton claimed on June 5 that Christians are supposed to be in control of education, business and government, per the Bible.

Barton made his comments while appearing on the “Truth and Liberty” webcast, which is hosted by Andrew Wommack and Lance Wallnau who promote Seven Mountains dominionism.

This type of Christian theology that claims Christians should control seven facets of life, instead of a democracy.

Barton fabricated quotes by God in his bizarre explanation, notes Right Wing Watch:

His stuff is entertainment, it is art, it is business, it is government. God is the one who created government—not man, that is not man’s invention—it came from God and God says, “I need you to take care of my stuff.”

He put you here to take care of his stuff and that includes government. That includes education, that includes business, that includes all this stuff. That is why we are here.

Wommack added that Christians are to “have dominion” over all as “we are unique in that we are not only in relationship with God in dealing with eternal things, but we are supposed to be ruling in this world.”

Barton falsely claimed that 1 Corinthians 6 told Christians to be “involved in the civil process” of government:

[Jesus said,] “If you are to judge the future, why aren’t you judging right now?” 1 Corinthians 6 says you are the judges of the world, everything in the world will be judged by you in the End Times, so get busy and start judging right now. Now, how can we read that as anything other than what it is? … He wants you involved in the civil process.

(Sources: Right Wing Watch, Vox)

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