Dave Chappelle Feels Sorry For ‘Poor Whites’ Who Voted For Trump

In his new Netflix comedy special “Equanimity,” comedian Dave Chappelle said he “feels sorry” for “poor whites” who voted for President Donald Trump.

Chappelle noted how Trump fights for wealthy people like himself, not the poor whites who voted overwhelmingly for Trump:

To my surprise, you know what I didn’t see? I didn’t see one deplorable face in that group. I saw some angry faces, and some determined faces, but they felt like decent folk.

In fact, I’m not even lying, not to sound f*cked up, but I felt sorry for them. I know the game now. I know that rich white people call poor white people ‘trash,’ and the only reason I know that, is because I made so much money last year, the rich whites told me they say it at a cocktail party — and I’m not with that sh*t.

Chappelle recalled how poor white people told him that Trump was going to fight for them: 

I’m standing there thinking in my mind, you dumb motherf*cker. You are poor. He’s fighting for me.

(Source: Netflix/YouTube)

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