Dashcam Films Driver Falling Asleep At 100 MPH During Accident

A dashcam recently filmed 43-year-old David Winkler as he fell asleep while going over 100 miles-per-hour in Hungary.

The Daily Mail notes that Winkler was driving with his two sons when his Volvo XC90 swerved to the shoulder and into the guardrail, which saved the lives of all three passengers.

The dashboard camera shows the car reaching 163 kilometers-per-hour, which is over 101 miles-per-hour.

Winkler recalled the incident to the Daily Mail:

I got that feeling of a long highway, travelling just over 80mph, my stomach was full, and I fell asleep as I accelerated. I guess I fell asleep for 14 or 15 seconds and it happened. I woke up once the car came to a stop, but my son who was awake says it felt like it was going on forever.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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