Dairy Queen Employees Refuse to Wear Masks, Make Obscene Gestures, They Keep Their Jobs

A female Dairy Queen supervisor was filmed refusing to wear a mask at store visited by Brandon Trotta in Long Island, New York, over the weekend.

Trotta, who filmed the incident, told WNBC that he wanted a refund after seeing he a second employee — who wasn’t wearing a mask — preparing ice cream for his family.

Trotta said that when he asked to see a supervisor, but she wasn’t wearing a mask either:

I told the cashier I’m not gonna take those. I asked if he could remake them with a mask. He brought over the manager on duty who told me she doesn’t need face mask because she’s not dealing with the public.

The manager gave Trotta two middle fingers as Trotta said, “You’re gonna be on Facebook, I hope you like it.”

Franchise owners suspended the maskless manager, but she kept her job. Trotta then stood outside the Dairy Queen with a sign to warn customers: “Eat at Your Own Risk.”

The Dairy Queen called the police on Trotta, but the store escaped legal responsibility.

The franchise owners reacted to the bad publicity saying masks are currently required of all employees and the manager has been demoted.

(Source: WNBC)

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