Daily Mail Editor Rebecca English Celebrates International Women’s Day With Smears Against Woman of Color: Meghan Markle

The Daily Mail’s “Royal Editor” Rebecca English celebrated International Women’s Day on Twitter while leading a smear campaign against a woman of color, Meghan Markle, for her interview with Oprah Winfrey on March 7, which the Daily Mail called a “sideshow” before it even aired.

The Hollywood Reporter and NBC News noted multiple instances of the Daily Mail attacking Markle.

The Daily Mail also printed a scathing attack against Markle by failed ex-CNN host Piers Morgan, and criticized Markle and Harry for their new home in California. There was not one word about the palaces in London where the Royal Family resides.

English retweeted an International Women’s Day tweet featuring Markle and Prince Harry on March 8.

English also retweeted a flurry of Daily Mail attacks against Markle.

(Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, NBC News, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mail, Rebecca English/Twitter Photo Credit: Mail Plus/YouTube)

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