Dad Says Blue Cross/Blue Shield Is Ending Rehab For Brain-Damaged Son Because He’s Not Recovering Fast Enough

Sixteen-year-old Caleb Freeman was in a serious car accident in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Dec. 19, 2017, that left him with major brain trauma.

KFOR notes that Caleb was in a hospital for two weeks before he opened his eyes for the first time. Caleb made some progress and was transferred to the Craig rehab center in Denver in January 2018. 

Caleb’s father, Pastor Jeremy Freeman, posted about his son’s progress on their Pray for Caleb Facebook page on Feb. 2:

His therapist decided to see how he would do. His head control is getting better and his range of motion in his back is very good. At different points, Caleb lifted his head and looked at us with both eyes wide opened. He worked hard and did well! It was great to see. Other than that, he had a pretty restful day.

Freeman also noted that Caleb is not speaking yet, but added:

It appears he is through the worst part of the storming and is progressing to the next phase of waking up.

On Feb. 6, Freeman wrote on Facebook that their insurance company, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, wanted to end coverage for Caleb’s rehab:

Our insurance company, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, is giving us problems. Our doctor talked to a medical director for BCBS today and he doesn’t feel Caleb is making enough progress to warrant his stay at Craig. Our doctor thinks this is ridiculous.

Every person caring for Caleb tells us every day how much progress they are seeing…but, in the insurance world, it’s all about money. Our doctor is awesome and believes Caleb needs to be here.

Freeman gave another Facebook update on Feb. 7:

Caleb had a good day. He was awake and alert for nearly the entire day. He was wide awake for therapies. He swallowed several times in speech therapy. They stood him up during physical therapy…it took three therapists, but they got him up and he did well.

He continues to make noises with his voice and we feel he is very close to speaking. His eyes were opened most of the day and it was so good to see him so alert. Progress, progress, progress!

…I did talk to our insurance case worker today and he will be gathering more information and getting back with me. In the meantime, we know we are covered through February 12, but we are confident that the Lord led us to Craig and will keep us at Craig. God will absolutely see us through!

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