D.C. Police Release Body Cam Video of Deon Kay Shooting, His ‘Gun’ is Found 98 Feet Away

Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department released body cam video of an officer fatally shooting 18-year-old Deon Kay on Sept. 2.

Police Chief Peter Newsham said that officers were responding to a report of a man with a gun whom cops saw on a live-streamed video, reports WJLA.

When police officers arrived, two suspects ran, and officers ran after them.

One officer tries to cut off Kay who appears be carrying a small object, which was allegedly a gun. The officer shoots Kay, but the object is gone before Kay hits the pavement.

The police body cam shows the officer desperately searching before finding a gun 98 feet (32 yards) away.

Newsham said “that does seem like a long way to throw a weapon.”

(Source: WJLA)

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