Customers Assault, Kill Each Other For Popeye’s Chicken Sandwiches

Customers across the country are physically assaulting and killing each other for the return of Popeye’s chicken sandwich (more video below).

An elderly woman was body slammed (video above) in the parking lot by an employee of a Popeye’s in Columbia, Tennessee, on Nov. 1 in a video posted to

TMZ reports Popeye’s has no plans of pulling the sandwich.

One man was fatally stabbed in Oxon Hill, Maryland for a sandwich on Nov. 5, reports WJZ-TV.

Prince George’s County Police spokesperson Jennifer Donelan said the fight involved two men who were in line for the release of a new chicken sandwich.

One man attacked another in the drive-thru lane on Nov. 5 in a video tweeted by Barstool Sports.

A woman’s Mercedes-Benz was damaged in the drive-thru line in Los Angeles, tweets KTTV (blocked NewsvideoClip.TV for fact-checking them).

Another Popeye’s fight was tweeted on Nov. 7 by the handle Popeyes Fightz!

A Popeye’s employee and customer were caught fighting in a San Antonio, Texas store by Twitter user Matt Espinosa on Nov. 5.

A mom was filmed curing at her children who complained about the long drive-thru line on Nov. 17. That NSFW video was tweeted by Freckles, Pecas, Lentiggini.

(Source: WJZ-TV,, TMZ, Twitter)

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