‘Crucifixion’ Cuffing, Bleeding Used As Punishment At Oklahoma Jail

The Kay County Detention Center in Newark, Oklahoma, has been using “crucifixion” cuffing on inmates, to the point of bleeding, as a form of punishment.

Video of at least one of these “crucifixion” cuffings was obtained by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and presented to Kay County District Attorney Brian Hermanson, who explained the sick torture-like practice to KOKH:

[Crucifixion cuffing] is not that dissimilar from the rack, an old torture means used in medieval Europe. The concept is just to painfully stretch somebody and in this case instead of wanting them to talk or wanting them to do a particular thing you are doing it as a punishment.

Brady Henderson, the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma, also explained “crucifixion” cuffing:

It is exactly what the name implies. The key feature of a “crucifixion” handcuffing is that you take a detainee’s arms and you put one one direction as far as it will go and you put the other the other direction as far as it will go.

Jail director Don Jones said “as far as I know it is not” still happening, but didn’t say why it was ever allowed.

In another incident, uncovered in internal emails (from Jones) by the ACLU, a jail supervisor put rival gang members together, a fight ensued and there was a stabbing.

Henderson explained that sick practice:

There is only one reason to do that, and that is if you basically want to have a gladiator school; that is the term that is often used, slang term in jails and prisons.

However, Jones denied the stabbing happened:  

He was not stabbed, autocorrect must have got my correct, or my uh email.

I understand that, auto correct, he was not stabbed if anything he might have been cut, a stab and a cut is two different things.

In another email, Jones told a jail trust member that it was a “whiteboy” who “knocked the crap” out of a black inmate:

[Inmate] was…was one of the biggest bully’s [sic] we have had… [The] whiteboy [had] totally punked him out… Im sure he is scared cause someone stood up to him.

Jones was unable to explain that email:  “Take what you want out of it.”

(Source: KOKH)

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