Crooks Run Over Couple With Car, Try To Steal $75K In Wild Robbery

A bank employee, Shelby Taylor Wyse, has been arrested in connection with a violent robbery that happened in Houston on Aug. 17.

According to Harris County police, Wyse worked at the Wallis State Bank and watched a female victim withdraw $75,000.

Wyse allegedly sent a text message to Travonn Johnson (whom she was dating) and Davis Mitchell who followed the female victim, notes the Houston Chronicle.

The victim stopped her car, and was walking into a building when a suspect Mitchell allegedly attacked the woman and yanked at her purse.

While the woman resisted, her husband reportedly fought Mitchell, which is when Johnson allegedly came over, and began stomping and beating the couple.

Johnson allegedly backed the car over the man and woman, who never let go of her purse. 

Johnson and Mitchell are charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon; Wyse is charged with robbery.

(Source: Houston Chronicle)

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