Criminal Charges Dropped Against Florida Cop, Beat Handcuffed Teen As Other Cops Stood By

Charges were dropped against former Police Officer Timothy James for beating 17-year-old Elias Campos who was handcuffed inside a police car in Jacksonville, Florida in June 2017.

Instead, James resigned from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, agreed not pursue any jobs as a police officer for three years, will perform 50 hours of community service, enroll in an anger management program and pay $170, notes WJAX.

The State Attorney’s Office claimed there was a good chance a jury would not have convicted James of battery even though James was caught on a surveillance video beating Campos, which was also witnessed by other police officers.

Campos’ attorney John Phillips called it a “dark day for justice.”

Fraternal Order of Police President Steve Zona praised the dropping of charges against James for beating the teen: “The criminal justice system has worked as intended and we wish Tim James well in the future.”

James was also caught on video hitting 21-year-old Daniel Nyman at UF Health Jacksonville in April 2017, reported WJAX.

Nyman’s mother said Nyman was released from jail after the charge of battery on a law enforcement officer was dropped.

James has reportedly been investigated by the Sheriff’s Office at least 11 times since January 2014.

(Sources: WJXT, WJXT)

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