Cow Escapes Church Nativity Scene Twice, Runs For Freedom On Pennsylvania Highway

A cow named “Stormy” escaped twice from a “living” nativity scene at the Old First Reformed United Church of Christ in Old City, Pennsylvania.

“Stormy” was captured twice, once on I-95 and and in a parking garage, notes WPVI.

During one of the 7.5-year-old Hereford’s escape attempts, Reverend Michael Caine tried to convince the 1,500-pound beast to come back, but his words went unheeded.

Pennsylvania State Police, Philadelphia police, and animal control were able to capture the cow on I-95, which had to be shut down in some lanes.

Caine said the cow’s enclosure had been tampered with during one of the escapes.

“Stormy” was eventually returned to Manatawna Farm in Roxborough, and replaced by a more compliant cow named “Ginger.”

(Sources: WPVI, Associated Press/YouTube)

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