COVID-Denying Pastor Says Christians Should Take Over the US ‘By Force’

COVID-denying Pastor Greg Locke told the Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, on April 19 that Jesus Christ should rule the U.S. and that Christians should “take it by force!” reports Right Wing Watch.

Locke’s call for a fascist theocracy brought applause from the churchgoers, notes the Friendly Atheist:

You’re in charge. I’m telling you. Well, God is looking for people under this tent, people online, that He wants to put in charge of some stuff.There’s no reason the church of the living God and the kingdom of Jesus Christ should not rule this nation. The Bible says that the kingdom of God suffered violence, and those that truly follow Jesus Christ take it by force!

(Sources: Right Wing Watch/Twitter, Friendly Atheist)

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