COVID-19 Science Denier Pulled Over by Cop, Goes on Rant About Communism

A woman went on a rant about communism after she was pulled over by police because her anti-vaccination signs were obscuring her car’s rear window in Greenville, South Carolina.

Her car also had signs against shutdowns and testing people for COVID-19, which has killed 160,000 Americans.

The woman demanded the cop’s badge number as she berated him:

Oh, no reason to get upset just because we’re in communist Greenville, South Carolina?! I am not being disorderly! I have freedom of speech! You’re being disorderly!

After the police officer gave the woman his number, she invoked Jesus to attack him:

Jesus is more powerful than you! I’m on my last leg! Citation [for] $87 or my license [gets] suspended?! I’ll see you in court… and I’ll pray for you in the meantime!

(Source: InsideASCIF/Twitter)

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