COVID-19 Cases Soar to 10K a Day in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis Refuses Safety Rules, Everything Stays Open

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is refusing to implement any statewide safety rules as COVID-19 sweeps the country, including his state, with record infections (10,000 new cases on Nov. 10), notes The Wall Street Journal.

DeSantis — who has publicly defied COVID-19 safety –blocked counties and cities from enforcing mask mandates and other safety rules with an executive order in September, reported The Wall Street Journal.

DeSantis has promoted herd immunity by infection, a Trump-endorsed tactic in which the contagious deadly virus is somehow magically controlled to infect only young and healthy people.

This deadly type of herd immunity will bring “untold death and suffering,.” according to the science journal Nature.

Bars, restaurants, theaters and theme parks are operating at full capacity, as are hospitals which cannot keep up with the pandemic.

(Sources: The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Nature)

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