Couple Claims God Saved Porcelain Nativity Scene (Made At 2,200°F) From House Fire (1,400°F)

Ray and Tammy Hand of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, recently recalled a fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that destroyed their home in 2016.

Tammy told WXII that God’s hand was behind the fire that killed three people:

Now that it is a year later and everything that has happened looking back and seeing how things have progressed and him at work is just amazing. You can see his hand in everything that has happened.

As I was going through the rubble I was very angry at all the memories we lost and all the time that was wasted and the sorrow of my family.

Tammy came across the porcelain nativity scene, which survived the fire. Tammy said she doesn’t understand how a 1400-degree fire didn’t destroy the porcelain:

[God] gave me this as a reminder to let go and move on with your life. On days when you are sick or ill you can look at that and see a reminder of he’s there and he loves you. He’ll give you these reminders if you allow him too.

The Friendly Atheist notes a scientific fact that the couple and WXII are apparently unaware of:

Porcelain is forged by heating materials in a kiln to temperatures between 2,200 and 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit. Even porcelain enamels, coating non-porcelain items, are not affected by “abrupt and severe temperature changes…”

Considering the average house fire burns at only 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s not all that surprising the statue survived.

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