Couple Charged With Breaking Jaw of Teen Employee Who Said to Wear Masks at Sesame Place Amusement Park

Two New Yorkers have been charged for allegedly breaking the jaw of a 17-year-old employee who told them to wear COVID-19 safety masks at the Sesame Place amusement park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on Aug. 9.

Pennsylvania police say that suspect Troy McCoy barricaded himself inside his Bronx, New York home, but U.S. Marshals were able to get inside and finally arrest him on Aug. 19, notes WCAU.

The second suspect, Shakerra Bonds, who lives with McCoy, is expected to surrender in Middle Township, Pennsylvania.

According to police, the couple confronted the teenage worker at the Captain Cookie’s High C’s Adventure ride and punched him in the face. Bonds allegedly punched another Sesame Place worker who came to the teen’s aid.

(Source: WCAU)

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