Country Singer Meghan Linsey Gets Death Threats For Kneeling After National Anthem

Country singer Meghan Linsey received death threats for kneeling after singing the National Anthem before the Tennessee Titans-Seattle Seahawks game on Sept. 24 in Nashville.

Linsey, formerly of country duo Steel Magnolia, told The Tennesseean:

I’ve been waking up with anxiety a lot and it’s hard to eat food and sleep, but other than that, I’m good. I feel like I did the right thing. I don’t have any regrets.

People have called Linsey un-American, wished she would get cancer and have accused her of hating the military, notes WTVF.

Linsey, who was protesting police brutality against black people, told The Tennesseean:

It wasn’t a matter of standing against our flag or our military. I was standing up for a cause that I believe in. I think that’s a testament of where we are as a country, that it can be so divisive and so volatile. We’re starting to see that more and more since the election. I just haven’t had it directed at me.

I know it’s hard and scary, but at the same time there’s a real problem in this country with social injustice and racism. I think it’s going to take an army of people that are white and privileged to step up and say, “No, this is a real thing” in order for change to happen.

(Sources: The Tennesseean, Breaking911/Twitter, WTVF/YouTube)

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