Country Singer Deana Carter Compares Trump to Jesus

Country Singer Deana Carter compared President Donald Trump going through an impeachment trial to Jesus Christ being questioned by the Pharisees in John Chapter 8 in the Bible.

Carter made the bizarre comparison during her weekly video Bible study on YouTube:

I want to get into what Jesus went through. He went through the same thing that our president is going through right now. And it’s just so important to take God’s side to see what God says about where we’re at right now… that is what is happening right now in our world.

Later in the video (9:30 mark), Carter appeared to compare Trump to God and the Democrats to the devil. Carter also appeared to be comparing the Democrats to the Pharisees further on (12:00 mark).

At another part in the video (15:00), Carter appeared to do another comparison of Trump and the Democrats by saying twice: “The evil-hearted deceitful leaders were trying to pin a crime on the son of God whom they couldn’t even recognize… how apropos, right?”

Carter went on to say (18:30 mark) that she was not actually accusing anyone of anything, but rather being “factual.”

(Source: Deana Carter/YouTube)

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