Cops Threaten Mom While Punching Her Son: ‘Get Back Or You’re Next’

Police officers in Bridgeport, Connecticut, were filmed beating beating 18-year-old Aaron Kearney and threatening the teen’s mom on Nov. 10.

“Don’t hurt my son,” the mom pleas to police in a video of the incident. “You’re punching my son.”

“I am,” a female cop says as she punches Kearney’s face, “get back.”

“Why is she f*cking my son up?” the mom asks.

The female officer then threatens the mom: “Get back or you’re next.”

Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez placed several officers on administrative status while the Office of Internal Affairs investigates the incident, notes WTIC.

The police department said they were responding to a minor accident involving Kearney when they investigated Kearney and found his license was suspended.

Police claim that Kearney “became outwardly belligerent and violent towards the officers, who then felt the need to call for backup.”

For reasons unknown, the police did not describe this alleged horrific violence in any detail.

According to Kearney’s family, the teen has never had trouble with the cops before and has gone to meetings where Perez lectured on improving community relations.

Kearney was  charged with breach of peace, and assault on a police officer.

(Sources: Tiffany C Dubb Elliot/Facebook, WTIC)

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