Cops Taser, Pepper Spray Man Suffering Stroke, Taxpayers Pay Lawsuit

The city of Fredericksburg, Virginia recently paid taxpayer money to settle a lawsuit filed by David Washington who was tased and pepper-sprayed by police while having a stroke in May 2015.

Washington was unarmed, notes the Free Lance–Star.

Washington’s lawsuit said he was in “obvious and critical need of emergency medical care” and never gave the cops a reason to believe that he was a threat. 

A police body cam video of the incident appears to back him up.

Police considered Washington a hit-and-run suspect after his car allegedly hit another vehicle and a road sign before stopping in an intersection.

Washington originally sued for at least $5 million for excessive force, denial of medical care, battery and other wrongdoing by the officers.

Fredericksburg City Attorney Kathleen Dooley told The Free Lance–Star that the city did not have copies of a settlement agreement or settlement payments, which was an intentional act to keep the settlement from the public.

An outside attorney handled the settlement agreements, which means settlement agreement is not considered a public document.

(Source: Free Lance–Star)


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