Texas Cop’s Son Kills Unarmed Man, Police Let Him Go: Report

Curtis E. Shelley was shot and killed on Nov. 12 by a man whose dad is reportedly a police officer in Killeen, Texas.

The Killeen Police Department said that officers questioned the unidentified man who shot and killed Shelley, but did not arrest him, notes KDHNews.com.

The man and Shelley, who was unarmed, were having an argument when the man fired a shotgun toward the face of Shelley who was about 10 feet away.

Police Cmdr. Erich Morsbach said the department is aware of a video of the shooting, but would not verify its authenticity. 

KCEN reported that the shooter is related to a Killeen Police Department employee. The Killeen Police Department said that one of the parties involved is/was related to an employee, but refused to say anymore.

After stonewalling, the Killeen Police Department said it had invited the Texas Rangers to assist in the investigation in the interest of transparency.

An anonymous source told The Free Thought Project that the shooter is the son of a police officer, which was confirmed by the victim’s grandmother, Diane Shelley:

When it happens to your family you want everything to hurry, something to be done and to feel like you’re getting closer to the truth. Now there’s the feeling of wanting the guy to at least be arrested.

(Sources: KDHNews.com, KCEN, The Free Thought Project)

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