Cop Uses Taser On Black Unarmed Motorist, 86, With Dementia

Eight-six-year-old Albert Chatfield was reportedly tased by a white police officer, Stephen Sweikata, in Kingstree, South Carolina on Oct. 17. 

Chatfield has spent four days in intensive care with bleeding on his brain and a broken nose, notes the The Post and Courier.

Earlier this week, he was placed into a medically induced coma, according to the family’s lawyer Justin Bamberg.

Chatfield’s family says the officer’s use of the Taser was unconstitutional and unnecessary.

“He wouldn’t hurt anybody,” Chatfield’s daughter, Jodi Mack, told The Post and Courier. “He would only make you hurt laughing.”

The  Kingstree Police Department was originally going to charge Chatfield with “acting disorderly,” but has dropped that notion.

The police department would not comment to The Post and Courier, but Sweikata’s police report says Chatfield was stopped for making a U-turn and running a red light.

Sweikata claimed in his report “Chatfield ignored all these orders and took up a fighting stance against myself. Chatfield then started jogging/walking backwards in the lanes of traffic.”

Sweikata wrote that he fired his Taser at Chatfield  “because traffic was still moving … and I was afraid that Mr. Chatfield would be struck by a vehicle, had this continued.”

Sweikata did not described Chatfield’s “fighting stance,” but Chatfield was hit in the chest and ribs by the Taser and fell on his back.

The police report does not mention any injuries despite Chatfield’s serious condition.

(Source: The Post and Courier)

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