Cop Turns On Emergency Lights, Parks In Bus Stop To Get Pizza

A City University of New York Public Safety Department (CUNY Public Safety) officer car was filmed turning on his emergency lights and parking at a bus stop in order to buy some pizza on Nov. 1. in Brooklyn.

An unidentified citizen filmed the CUNY officer who asked, “Why are you videotaping me?” 

The cameraman asked the cop: “Why do you have your lights on, parked in front of a bus stop?”

The cop replied: “Why does that bother you so much?” 

“Do you think you’re above the law?” the cameraman continued.

The cop answered, “No,” and the cameraman scolded him:

Then why do you do it? Why do you break the law? Do you think you’re special? Do you think you’re special? Why should you be more special than other people? Because you have a badge?

The officer (and the pizza) got in the police SUV and drove off.

(Source: ViralHog/YouTube)

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