Cop Tortures Restrained Woman With Pepper Spray Until She Passes Out, Pays $50 Fine

Former Montgomery County, Ohio, Sheriff’s captain Judith Sealey intentionally pepper-spayed a restrained inmate, Amber Swink, in the county jail on Nov. 15, 2015, but Sealey won’t be going to jail for her actions.

Almost three years after the torure-like assault, Sealey pleaded guilty fourth-degree misdemeanor disorderly conduct and failure to desist on May 29.

Judge Chris Martin sentenced Sealey to up to five years’ community control, court costs, a $50 fine and a 30-day jail sentence, which was suspended, notes the Dayton Daily News.

Sheriff Phil Plummer described the intentional torture as a “mistake” and “poor judgment”:

Sergeant Sealey definitely made a mistake and exercised poor judgment in this incident. But don’t let this incident define her character or dedicated service throughout her career.

Ohio taxpayers had to pony up $375,000 for Sealey’s intentional “mistake” after Swink sued.

There are 10 other recent lawsuits against jail personnel, which taxpayers may also have to open their wallets for.

(Source: Dayton Daily News)

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