Cop Slams 61-Year-Old Man To Ground For Singing Beach Boys Song

James W. Ochse is currently suing the Allentown, Pennsylvania Police Department because Officer Robert Busch slammed Ochse to the pavement in August 2015 after Ocshe sang the Beach Boys’ song “Barbara Ann.”

The 61-year-old man was serenading diners at a restaurant, one of whom filmed him, when Busch arrived on the scene, notes The Morning Call.

After speaking to Busch for a few seconds, Ochse turned to walk away, but Busch took Ochse down to the pavement and handcuffed him.

In court, Ochse recalled a previous meeting with then-Capt. Glen Dorney about when and where he (Ochse) could sing:

He said, “We’ve gotten some complaints about your singing, it’s kind of loud.” He said, “Why don’t we make a pact? You can sing any time after five o’clock.”

Ochse said he tried to tell Busch on Aug. 14, 2015, about that conversation with Dorney outside the restaurant, which filed a disturbance complaint.

Ochse claimed Busch violated his constitutional rights. Ochse said he suffered a broken toe, a concussion and scrapes.

(Source: The Morning Call)

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