Cop Runs Over Teen For Improper Light On Bicycle, Police Swarmed By Angry Neighbors

Newly-released police dash cam and body cam video shows a squad car plowing into a 16-year-old boy, who had been pulled over by the cops for having an improper bicycle light, on July 23 in Sacramento, California.

According to police, the patrol car lost control, hit the teen, and a parked car in the driveway of a private residence.

The teen was taken to hospital with what police claimed were minor injuries; the teen was released from the hospital, notes KTXL.

Police Chief Daniel Hahn said his officers need better training:

Clearly, this collision could have been tragic. I am grateful the young man was not more seriously injured and that no one else was injured. Our training is designed to prevent this sort of thing from happening. We are going to make sure our training- and the officer’s adherence to that training- is as solid as it can be.

(Source: KTXL)

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