Cop Repeatedly Runs Over Injured Screaming Deer

Erica Pritchard filmed a police officer repeatedly running over an injured deer in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada on Jan. 5.

Pritchard told that she witnessed a car slam into the rear end of the deer, apparently breaking its back legs. She then filmed the cop running over the animal:

I figured that that’s not what you’re supposed to do. Hearing the deer screaming every time he ran over it was shocking.

It made me feel really sick, actually, where we couldn’t watch anymore. We turned up the music a little bit in the truck so we wouldn’t hear the screaming of the deer.

The deer attempted to struggle to its feet before falling to the ground, and the cop ran over the deer twice more before stopping on top of the animal.

The video ends with the cop manually dragging the deer to the side of the road before driving off.

Lethbridge police Chief Robert Davis said the incident was being referred to the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) for investigation:

After watching the video, I understand the concerns people have and I can assure the community that we take this very seriously. The ASIRT investigation will review the officer’s actions as well as our current policies and procedures for responding to injured animal calls. My whole career, you deal with an animal by shooting it. However, there may be circumstances where that is not practical, and if that is a gap that is identified in the investigation, then we will rectify that gap. At this time, I’m not familiar with any processes outside of using a [firearm]. You want to end the suffering as quickly as possible.


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