Cop Kills Good Samaritan With His Cruiser, Admits Being On Phone, Changes Story

The family of Linda Baragiola is using the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Department in Placitas, New Mexico because Deputy Rudy Fields ran over Baragiola and killed her in September 2017 while responding to to a possible burglary at a home.

Attorney Carbon-Gaul says Baragiola went over to her neighbor’s home to talk to the deputies about th4 alleged burglary, but as she was walking back towards her home “Deputy Fields was backing up his car in the driveway and he ran her over, killing her.”

At the time, Fields admitted he was distracted while backing up his cruiser:

Dude, I was on the phone. I was backing up and they were dispatching me to another call.

However, a few days later, Fields changed his story during an interview with a New Mexico State Police office:

At that time, I put my phone down. I grabbed my radio and I check my mirrors, put it in reverse, check my mirrors. Check my rearview mirrors and then I turn around. I always do that.

Carbon-Gaul says Field’s story doesn’t make sense:

How he could have been driving backwards for at least 50 feet and not seen a woman who was in the middle of a driveway? It’s a long drive.

Fields still works for the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office, but was reassigned to transport prisoners and provide security at the courthouse.

(Source: KRQE)

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