Cop Brags About Punching His Dog While Woman Reports Animal Abuse

Facebook user Susan Mulvaney recently filmed a police officer in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, bragging about punching his own dog while she tried to report a neighbor hitting a dog in the face.

The unidentified cop stated: “I punch my own dog. Sometimes you have to discipline an animal.”

Mulvaney noted on Facebook that the incident is being investigated, and that the officer has a history of past behavior: 

Many people are coming forward with terrible stories about the officer who works the desk at Hartford Station. If he has mistreated you or prevented you from getting access to law enforcement, please, please, call Sargeant Brandy Hawes at 204-986-7242. She is in charge of the Professional Standards Unit who are dealing with this officer. The more complaints, the more likely he is to fired!

(Source: Susan Mulvaney/Facebook)

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