Construction Crew Walks Off Job After Boss Fires Latino Co-Workers

Welder Antoine Dangerfield filmed a Latino construction crew walking off the job after their boss fired their co-workers in Indianapolis on July 30.

Dangerfield told Jacobin that the Latino workers were working for a construction contractor that was building a UPS hub.

After a small group of Latino workers were ordered home after disobeying the orders of a white boss, whom Dangerfield called racist, over one hundred more Latino workers walked off the job.

Dangerfield told Jacobin that the construction company has offered him money to take his viral video — of the workers leaving — down from YouTube:

They’re real mad about it. They tried to pay me $250 to take it down. But there’s nothing I could do about it. I didn’t expect it to be this big.

(Sources: Antoine Dangerfield/YouTube, Jacobin)

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