Conspiracy Theorists Harass, Threaten Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Some of the wounded survivors of the Las Vegas shooting massacre are receiving death threats from conspiracy theorists.

Conspiracy theorists have falsely claimed that shooting victims are actually “crisis actors” who were hired by nefarious forces to pose as victims.

Braden Matejka, who told The Guardian how he survived a bullet to the head (video below), received numerous threats on Facebook:

You are a lying piece of sh*t and I hope someone truly shoots you in the head.

Your soul is disgusting and dark! You will pay for the consequences!

A Facebook meme featuring the 30-year-old victim’s picture, included the caption: “I’m a lying c*nt!”

Matejka closed his social media accounts, but the bullying and threats were directed at his family and friends.

Taylor Matejka, Braden’s brother, showed The Guardian screenshots of the harassment, and said:

There are all these families dealing with likely the most horrific thing they’ll ever experience, and they are also met with hate and anger and are being attacked online about being a part of some conspiracy.

It’s madness. I can’t imagine the thought process of these people. Do they know that we are actual people?

Rob McIntosh, another LasVegas shooting victim, added:

It makes you angry. You’ve already been through something that’s traumatic and terrible, and you have someone who is attacking your honesty. You don’t even have the opportunity to respond.

Mike Cronk, another Las Vegas shooting victim, was harassed by conspiracy theorists after he did TV interviews.

YouTube videos popped up with titles such as “Mike Cronk crisis actor” and “Mike Cronk fake.”

A YouTube spokesperson told The Guardian: “We work to quickly remove videos violating our policies when they are flagged.”

(Source: The Guardian)

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