Conspiracy Theorist Harasses Hillary Clinton At Book Signing

Laura Loomer, who has reportedly promoted the Seth Rich conspiracy theory, harassed Hillary Clinton during a book signing in New York City on Sept. 12.

During an appearance on the Fox Business Channel on Sept. 14, Loomer claimed that Clinton was the most hated woman in America, a lie that even host Liz MacDonald could not stomach.

Loomer asked Clinton about Benghazi, where her 33,000 emails were and where the millions in relief money for Haiti went.

Fox Business would not air the part (full video below) where Loomer asked Clinton about her health and “What happened to Seth Rich?,” which was reference to the debunked conspiracy theory that Fox News itself retracted after host Sean Hannity promoted it against the wishes of the Rich family, notes Media Matters.

Loomer told Fox Business that she had done this to Clinton before and was surprised that Clinton didn’t remember her.

(Source: Media Matters, Laura Loomer via YouTube)

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