Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Threatens To Shoot Robert Mueller

Pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Alex Jones made threats against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and pretended to shoot him on June 23 during an internet broadcast of “InfoWars.”

Jones falsely accused Mueller of violent child sex acts before pretending to fire a gun at Mueller in a  “wild west” shootout, notes Newsweek:

I’m constantly in fear that I’m not being a real man, and I’m not doing what it takes, and I’m not telling the truth. And so, call it whatever you want, I look at that guy, and he’s a sack of crap.

It’s going to happen, we’re going to walk out in the square, politically, at high noon, and he’s going to find out whether he makes a move, man make the move first, and then it’s going to happen.

It’s not a joke. It’s not a game. It’s the real world. Politically. You’re going to get it, or I’m going to die trying, bitch. Get ready. We’re going to bang heads.

(Sources: Newsweek, InfoWars via Media Matters)

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