Conservatives Furious Over Same-Sex Kiss In Macy’s Parade

Conservatives were outraged over a same-sex kiss during the Broadway musical part of the Macy’s parade. The kiss came from two actresses in “The Prom.”

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes claimed that shocked parents turned to him:

Hundreds of parents reached out to me — and they were beyond furious.

Rod Dreher, writing for The American Conservative, added his outrage:

Now, Macy’s has sexualized and lesbianized Thanksgiving in its iconic kids’ parade.

Anti-abortion LifeSite News accused NBC and Macy’s of trying to indoctrinate kids:

We weren’t allowed to enjoy this moment before the incessant homosexual agenda was thrust into America’s face.

(Sources:, LifeSite NewsThe American Conservative, Photo Credit: NBC)

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