Connecticut Police Officers Stop Cop’s Attack On Suspect

A police officer was filmed attacking a suspect in North Haven, Connecticut, but was stopped by other cops on Dec. 31, 2017.

According to a report by the North Haven Police Department, officers were investigating a potential burglary and harassment complaint when they began questioning Vincent Terrone.

That’s when Sgt. Michael Cirillo entered the room, grabbed Terrone by the shirt and chest and pushed him backward, reports WVIT.

Other officers had to pull Cirillo off Terrone because Cirillo had Terrone in a headlock, notes the police report.

Cirrilo claimed Terrone made threats against his family via text messages.

After being pulled off, Cirillo told his fellow officers: “Sorry about all this man, It is what it is, we’ll go from here, right?” 

The other officers refuse to cover up the incident, and arrested Cirillo for third-degree assault.

Terrone requested on Jan. 2 to withdraw all charges against Cirillo.

(Source: WVIT)

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