Connecticut Cops Pull Guns On New York Yankees General Manager, Accuse Him Of Stealing His Own Car

Brian Cashman, the General Manager for the New York Yankees, was recently pulled over by police who held him at gunpoint in Darien, Connecticut.

Cashman was driving his white Jeep Wrangler, when the police accused him of stealing his own car.

In video posted by CNBC, Cashman was ordered out of the car while multiple officers pointed their guns on him, and shouted seemingly contradictory orders to turn away from them and to walk towards them.

Cashman tried to explain to the police that his car had been stolen, but was already recovered by the NYPD. Cashman said he was bringing it to police in Norwalk, Connecticut for an evidence check.

Eventually the police realized their mistake, and released Cashman. One officer admitted he recognized Cashman.

(Source: CNBC/YouTube)

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