Confederate Demonstrator Kicked Out Of Christian College

Allen Armentrout was kicked out of Pensacola Christian College after he was filmed standing in front of the General Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 15.

Armentrout told WXII that he went to Charlottesville to honor Lee, a notorious slave owner who led the Confederate army in their war for slavery.

Armentrout, armed with a semi-automatic handgun, an AR-15 rifle and a Confederate flag,  called Lee “the greatest American that ever lived.” 

One man at the scene of the statue scolded Armentrout: “This is our town. Your people have killed us. You tore up our town. You ruined business. The statue is coming down,” noted CNN.

“No, it’s not. The state of Virginia has a law that protects monuments like this,” Armentrout replied.

Armentrout was kicked out Pensacola Christian College on Aug. 17.

Armentrout identified himself as a Christian:

I’m a born-again Christian and I believe this wrench has hindered my attempt to serve the Lord. I believe a Christian institution should support patriotic individuals who want to stand for American tradition and beliefs. It really hurts me a lot when you try to do what’s right and you get attacked.

At the college I was attending, my contract provided my fourth year free if I paid my payments on time, which I worked very hard to do. Now, essentially, if I want to complete my undergrad, I’ll have to pay, which I don’t have the resources to pay for a fourth year.

Armentrout, who openly supports a famous slave owner, blamed the chaos in his life on “those who wish to destroy Southern heritage.”

Amy Glenn, chief communication officer for Pensacola Christian College, told the news station: 

We do not share any private information about the students. Our hearts certainly go out to people suffering there and we are thinking about them from afar.

(Source: WXII)

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