Concord Coach Lines Bus Driver Falsely Claims Only US Citizens Can Ride Bus

The ACLU of New Hampshire posted a video of on Facebook of a Concord Coach Lines bus driver lying to passengers by telling them that they had to be U.S. citizens to tide the bus on Memorial Day weekend in Bangor, Maine.

Passengers were also asked about their immigration status by Customs and Border Patrol agents at the bus station.

The ACLU of New Hampshire notes and shows on the video that people do not have to disclose whether or not they are citizens to board the bus.

The ACLU of New Hampshire urges people to contact Concord Coach Lines:

Call Concord Coach Lines and tell them: stop allowing Border Patrol agents to question your passengers. People should be able to take the bus without fear of unfounded interrogation and deportation. Your company has the right to say no to Border Patrol – now is the time to do it. Call Concord Coach Lines: 603-228-3300.

Concord Coach Lines tweeted a statement on June 16 that contradicted the actions of their employee:

(Sources: ACLU of New Hampshire/Facebook, ACLU of New Hampshire, Concord Coach Lines/Twitter)

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  1. The statement in no way contradicts the message released by Concord Coach. They said the driver made a misstatement when caught off guard.
    Anyone with common sense should understand this can happen. It has been corrected.


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