Comfort Inn Manager Grabs Employee’s Face To Make Her Smile

Surveillance video has surfaced of a Comfort Inn hotel manager grabbing a female employee’s face in Newport, Oregon on May 29.

The female employee, Alexandra McMillin, told KPTV that she was just starting her evening shift when her manager reprimanded her for not smiling enough:

He’s like you know pacing back and forth looking like he’s going to make a physical advance, why my body gets extremely defensive because he’s a person who I’ve had a history within the past who’s breached their boundaries plenty of times.

As he, you know, advances he’s like you just need to learn how to smile a little better and grabs me by either sides of the face and tries to force a smile onto my face. And I immediately said you are not allowed to touch me like that you need to back up.

McMillin said she filed a formal complaint with the hotel owners and was eventually moved to another motel in Newport.

McMillin said a recent encounter with her previous manager motivated her to report it to police:

Men continue to get away with these things over and over again and so many women are scared to speak out about it and that was one of the things that inspired me to say something.

The hotel manager and owners refused to speak to KPTV.

McMillin is planning on filing a no-contact order.

(Source: KPTV)

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