Colorado Town Outlaws Sitting, Lying On Sidewalks

The Durango City Council in Colorado has banned people from sitting or lying down on downtown sidewalks, curbs, streets, railways, alleys, parking spaces and other public areas from 7 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Councilor Dick White claimed the (fascist) new law will improve downtown, and protect residents and tourists, notes The Durango Herald:

I think this is achieving what we are trying to achieve.

While some freedom-loving residents praised the police state action, others believe the new ordinance criminalizes poor and homeless Americans.

White (laughingly) claimed the ordinance would not discriminate against anyone:

People can stand with a sign on Main Avenue all day long and they are absolutely within their First Amendment rights.

People experiencing medical emergencies or disabilities, kids in strollers, and people attending parades, festivals, performances or other special events are exempt from the ordinance.  

City Attorney Dirk Nelson noted that Americans who do not obey the sitting and lying law could be fined $100 the first time, and $200 the second time.

Of course if those people cannot afford to pay their fines, they could be locked in jail at taxpayer expense.

Nelson insisted the police state law would withstand court challenges:

I wouldn’t have brought an ordinance to you that I didn’t think was legally supportable.

Resident Linda Daniel noted the law targets the poor:

I think this is a Band-Aid. I think this ordinance is going to merely cover a wound that is festering in our city.

(Source: The Durango Herald, Photo Credit: Steve Baker/Flickr)

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